Seated acupressure massage

A comfortable, ergonomically designed chair will support you comfortably during the massage

A comfortable, ergonomically designed chair will support you comfortably during the massage

Office based on-site chair massage is a convenient and cost-effective solution of looking after yourself and your staff.

  • only takes 15 to 20 minutes
  • no need to undress-no messy oils
  • safe and suitable for everyone-but it is unwise in the first trimester of pregnancy
  • relaxes and lets your mind rest-it gives time to sort things into perspective


A more relaxed staff team with reduced stress levels who are better able to cope with problems when they inevitably arrive – the kind of change that can have far-reaching effects on health and well-being in the short and long-term at work and at home.

How does it work?

I would recommend a quiet vacant office or meeting room to encourage a private, peaceful and uninterrupted treatment.

You sit on an ergonomically designed office chair, which places you in a kneeling position with feet tucked under, comfortably supporting the chest, forearms and face

The acupressure techniques of this massage focus on more than 100 different stress release points in muscles of the back, arms, hands, shoulders, neck and head, where tension and pain often build up in staff working under pressure, doing repetitive movements or being in one position for prolonged periods.

A short initial assessment is carried out to reveal any medical conditions that need to be taken into account during the massage. This is also a useful time for staff to assess their lifestyle and I may offer suggestions and support to enhance the benefits of the massage. A brief feedback and update of any conditions takes place before each treatment.

No medical problem should prevent someone from having a massage-apart from the first trimester of pregnancy.Anyone who is diabetic should have eaten within the previous two hours, and everyone else should have eaten something that day.

The treatment is designed to initially relax tense and aching muscles and then to release energy and invigorate both mind and body leaving you feeling alert, focussed and ready to return to work.

Half and full day sessions can be booked on a regular basis or for one-off events such as training or team-building days, conferences, seminars, staff incentive schemes.

Phone to discuss a package tailored to you and your employees’ needs.

Also read a review of my seated acupressure chair massage

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