Healing Hands Network – Sarajevo

A very big thank to everyone who has sent donations, good wishes and expressed interest in this worthwhile project to take my therapies abroad to people who have suffered trauma.

I thoroughly enjoyed my two weeks in September 2018 which was very well appreciated by the clients.

I’m absolutely delighted that I am nearly at my target to travel again in September 2019.

I particularly consider HHN’s aim to set up a training facility for complementary therapies in Sarajevo an exciting way forward to ensure a long-term practical, sustainable and effective way for residents to continue benefitting from therapies all year round.

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I have funded my travel costs and am now seeking to raise funds to support the work of HHN at the clinics in Sarajevo and surrounding cantons and to enable further training for local therapists. This will ensure that the benefits of holistic therapies are sustainable and available in the long term.

I completed my HHN induction in July and was invited by HHN to spend a week at a Family Activity Breaks (FAB) camp at PGL Caythorpe Court delivering treatments to bereaved military families, as preparation for my work in Sarajevo.

Please support me in the worthwhile work provided by HNN by visiting my fundraising page at https://mydonate.bt.com/fundraisers/jackyhuson. (before end of June 2019 – MyDonate is being withdrawn on that date). I appreciate your support.


Healing Hands Network has been working in Sarajevo since 1996 to help and give hope to the people who lived through the Bosnian conflict and suffered physical and psychological trauma

The siege of Sarajevo, which set neighbour against neighbour, lasted for 1,425 days between 1992 and 1995

500,000 inhabitants were trapped without food, power, communications or healthcare. Thousands of grenades fell – 12,500 citizens (including 1,601 children) were killed; 61,000 (including 14,946 children) were wounded.

In concentration camps, many men, women and girls were brutally raped, some repeatedly

The aftermath continues to affect citizens physically and psychologically

Holistic approaches to healing are accepted unconditionally in Bosnia and Herzegovina so the therapeutic benefits are greatly accentuated.

Many clients say how much better they are feeling; they are sleeping better, their continual aches and pains are relieved, they have an improved quality of life and increased optimism and hope.

For some clients, who might also be caring for someone else who is suffering, it could simply be an hour for them to reflect and have some peace.

Treatments and training

  • 34 therapists gave ± 2,000 treatment sessions in 2017 in Sarajevo, at the HHN clinic and 6 outreach centres
  • HHN trainers have delivered Reiki levels 1 and 2 and 3 Workshops and massage techniques for self help
  • further training in holistic therapies by HHN is planned to empower clients to help themselves, families and friends
  • several local share groups have been set up to combine all techniques that HHN has taught them, including Emotional Freedom Technique and Heart Focused Breathing and gentle exercise.
  • clients in Sarajevo come from associations that operate support groups, such as Concentration Camp Union, Women Victims of War, Mothers of Srebrenica and Civil War Victims. These associations select their most needy members for HHN therapies between May and October each year.
  • each HHN therapist does a two-week tour of duty