Benefits of bodywork massage

The benefits of bodywork massage

The effects of massage aim to stimulate blood circulation which promotes good health through essential nourishment to tissue and organs. It aids in the release and removal of toxins from cells and stimulates the flow of lymph which continues the cleansing process. The addition of heat through the use of Hot Stones strengthens the effects of massage particularly in aiding the relaxation of muscles.

I use a range of techniques such as trigger point therapy and facilitated stretching to target particular problem areas to ease tension and ‘work out’ knotty muscles. In a remedial massage, I combine these techniques, myofascial work which eases taut fascia tissue and cutting edge techniques using Hot Stones developed by Jing Massage which can be very effective to help you out of pain and start you on the road to better mobility.

Working in tandem with you and your lifestyle, treatments aim to benefit you by

  • Reducing muscle tension or cramp – before and after exercise, soothes chronic pain
  • Enhancing immune system
  • Reducing stress, headaches and may help to reduce high blood pressure through relaxation
  • Helping joint mobility and flexibility
  • Improving skin tone through exfoliation and increased circulation
  • Speeding up healing of soft tissue injuries by increasing blood circulation to injured areas.
  • Heightening mental alertness
  • Helping to reduce anxiety and depression – improving sleep quality