Less is more

The poet Robert Browning used this motto in his poem about painter Andrea del Sarto and later Mies van der Rohe applied it to his minimalist architecture, but it can be applied in all kinds of spheres in our everyday lives. For example, if we drive more slowly we use less petrol, are less stressed and less likely to have or cause an accident.


German military chief General von Manstein said intelligent and lazy officers are destined for high office. I struggle with the word ‘lazy’, having a strong work ethic, but I can appreciate that through planning activities intelligently, more effective results are available for less effort.


People often ask if I get exhausted doing bodywork treatments as it is such physical work, but I find I am energised by my work and only feel tired if I’ve not planned my time sensibly.


Through experience and training, I have learnt to work ‘smarter not harder’ – with more intelligence and less effort. By using my body weight, I use less effort but have more strength and energy to give a beneficial massage treatment when a firm, remedial type of bodywork is needed.


By contrast, using slow, focussed pressure at particular points can also be tremendously powerful as it works on the fascia. This seamless web of connective tissue in our body covers and connects muscles, organs and skeletal structure but can become knotted and tight. Manipulating this fascia will allow the connective tissue fibers to reorganise themselves in a more flexible, functional fashion encouraging the body’s inherent ability for self correction to rebalance the body. Clients report they experience an ‘unwinding’ or opening up at a subtle level which continues to work after the treatment.


Depending on a client’s needs and preference, a combination of the more traditional massage techniques and this less energetic myofascial work results in a very beneficial and remedial treatment.


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