Plan to do nothing!

I’ve no intention of hijacking Jonathan’s gardening column, but I can see an analogy between tending a garden and looking after ourselves.

Given good soil, feeding, some rain (no problem!), some sun (rather more elusive!) and some maintenance, plants will generally flourish, although outside influences such as pests can intervene to sabotage our efforts.

Nature has programmed plants to have dormant periods and although as humans ‘quiet’ periods can’t be for a whole season, some degree of non-activity can encourage our bodies to re-balance.

A chill in the air is heralding autumn, shorter days, less sunshine (if that’s possible!), and possibly less activity, so including some holistic treatments in our winter plans could help keep us uplifted and see us through the winter.

In the same way we clear the garden and prepare for its dormant period, I would propose that you prepare yourself for a massage appointment – eat only a light meal up to a couple of hours previously, plan only to eat lightly later and set time aside afterwards to savour the benefits and allow your body to respond to the continuing effects of the treatment. Most importantly, you may well feel energised, but resist the temptation to rush home and launch into strenuous activity. During this period your body will be getting rid of waste (this doesn’t even involve a trip to the tip! – nature will take its course, eliminating toxins which have been squeezed from body tissues.)

In my turn, I as therapist, will create a warm, welcoming environment, encourage you sink into the couch and give yourself up to the experience of therapeutic relaxation.

Afterwards, just as we like to admire our toils in the garden, you can then sit back, take a different view of the world – being aware of your sense of well-being in mind and body.


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