The less routine, the more life

(Amos Bronson Alcott, Philosopher – 1799-1888)

It’s interesting that last month Howard was highlighting the difficulties that can arise between neighbours. Not long after he had written that, we had both, among many others nearby, experienced the trauma of being flooded, which, in contrast, brought out the goodwill that a crisis can evoke in neighbours – cups of tea, offers to help, general concern about our situation and mutual moral support.

An enforced change of circumstances can remind us what is important and that it’s not so much what life throws at us, but how we react. Usual routine is interrupted and raised adrenaline levels to ‘fight or flight’ have, in my case, prompted an energetic clear-out and re-organisation which I probably should have done months if not years ago, but somehow never found that kind of energy!

Having an everyday routine is useful in that we don’t need to think constantly about what to do – some activities just happen on ‘autopilot’. But having the opportunity to step outside of that routine gives a renewed energy and interest in approaching life from a different viewpoint.

I aim to approach my holistic treatments without a specific routine in mind. When I was training, a massage routine was a useful way to become familiar with techniques. However, once I had absorbed them I took a more individual approach with a ‘listening touch’. By working without a restricting routine I have more energy to give and can formulate a ‘cocktail’ of techniques which combine appropriately to make a treatment more dynamic and focussed towards individual needs.

Obviously, at each visit, we can discuss if ‘more of the same’ is what you need and like, or whether a more intuitive and ‘go with the flow’ treatment would be more effective.. it’s your choice.

‘Southwell Life’ – July 2007
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