Time and tide wait for no man

(Mark Twain)

“The future is something which everyone reaches at the rate of sixty minutes an hour, whatever he does, whoever he is. (C. S. Lewis)

I’m aware that the more ‘available’ time I have, the less I seem to do – I achieve far more when I’m busy, knowing that I have to fit tasks into ‘spare’ time and can’t afford to put them off.

Labour saving devices don’t seem to have made more leisure time. Half our life is spent trying to do something with the time we have rushed through the day trying to save! But do we allow ‘free’ time for creative thinking to help us intuitively spend our time in the most efficient, effective way? Time is a precious commodity – once ‘spent’ it’s gone; we need to treasure it.

How many times have I heard myself say ‘I haven’t got time to….’ Is that really true, or is it that my focus, priorities or desire is actually directed elsewhere? If I really wanted or needed to do something, wouldn’t I ‘find’ time? Or is it, in the words of Ecclesiastes, ‘For everything there is a season and a time for every matter under heaven’ – when the time’s ‘right’ I will do it?

So there’s no need to berate yourself that you ‘haven’t had time to…’. If you are interested in a healthy lifestyle, simply keep that aim in mind and you will do those things that can help maintain health and well-being, such as see a friend, walk instead of drive, take time to cook using fresh ingredients, perhaps even have a massage.

P.S. It was lovely to see so many local people visited our Complementary Therapy ‘Chill-out Zone’ for taster sessions at the Gate to Southwell Folk Festival – an ideal opportunity to experience ‘still’ time.

‘Southwell Life’ – Aug 2007

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