“The greatest healing therapy is friendship and love”

 Hubert Humphrey


We may be coy about freely expressing our intimate feelings to our dearest friends yet Valentine’s Day is the second biggest card-giving occasion in the year. However, these ‘billet doux’, sometimes sent anonymously, are often cheeky, light-hearted or downright lewd rather than tender and genuinely caring. Mothering Sunday follows shortly, celebrating that special bond of motherhood.


Love is a complex concept and can give joy or pain. It ranges from the desiring and passionate yearning of eros, through philia a fondness and enjoyment of being with people whose company you enjoy, to agape which aims for a perfect kind of love which proactively seeks someone’s well-being and is not easily ‘dented’ by rejection.


I propose that, rather than (or perhaps as well as) a commercially produced card on Valentine’s and Mothering Sunday, it is really special to receive an authentic simple token of love. It may be spoken, shown or given in an honest, open way which we can truly believe and reminds us that we are desirable, loveable and worthy of a love that is gentle, subtle, non-moralistic and non-judgemental. We can relax and feel secure in its warm glow.


Our closest relationships are those which have most power to affect our well-being. We may be ‘broken-hearted’ when a relationship ends or we lose someone we love; we can be ‘lovesick’ when the telephone doesn’t ring with the expected invitation. The underlying stress can compromise our immune system and we may actually become ill.

In one gesture, you could show you care and boost the morale and health of your nearest and dearest by treating them to a holistic treatment. Phone me to buy personalised, attractive Valentine and Mothering Sunday vouchers.


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