Pamper Parties

Pampering treatment parties are ideal for any kind of celebration or event including:

  • Girls’ night or hen party
  • Mums-to-be or post-natal party 
  • Reunions
  • Fundraising events
  • Office ‘away’ days/evenings

Get together for an enjoyable, healthy socialising alternative with a few of your good friends; have an office ‘away’ day or evening; spend some special time on yourself

  • Set the scene with soft drinks*, healthy nibbles, pleasant music
  • Choose from a range of massage treatments to soothe aches and pains, relax after a hard day’s work or prepare for a big event

*It is advisable that consumption of alcohol is kept to a minimum when receiving treatments – how about making up some fruit juice ‘cocktails’?

Pamper parties can be held in the comfort of your own home or at a suitable venue.

I would recommend a group of at least 4 and a maximum of 8.

For larger groups, this can be arranged with an additional therapist, providing there is adequate space.

Treatments are from £10 per person plus mileage and include creams, oils and equipment.

Maximum travel distance – a radius of 20 miles from Southwell.

Pampering Treatments

Each treatment will be for between 20 and 30 minutes depending on the number of guests. You can choose from a range of massage treatments (see below) to help you relax, de-stress , soothe any aches and pains and make you feel pampered.

All treatments are carried out while you’re sitting comfortably on a chair. You will remained clothed, unless you choose the foot massage or ‘oil’ version of back and shoulder massage in which case you just need to expose the treatment area and I will ensure your modesty with a large towel.


1. ‘Mini’ Indian Head Massage

Indian Head Massage

Indian Head Massage

Not recommended if you want to retain your newly styled hair! Ruffling, ‘pecking’, scalp massage, acupressure – relaxing, invigorating and particularly good for headaches and sinus problems.

2. Upper back, shoulders, arms massage

Back, neck and shoulder massage on a comfortable, ergonomically designed chair

Back, neck and shoulder massage on a comfortable, ergonomically designed chair

Particularly relaxing if you hold tension in this area. Can be carried out clothed or with one of a choice of plain or blended oils.

  1. clothed
  2. with oil

3. Hand and arm massage

Hand and arm massage

Hand and arm massage

Particularly relaxing if you work a lot on a computer or do intricate work with your hands. Good to relieve RSI. This treatment will use one of a choice of plain or blended oils or plain cream.

4. Foot massage

Foot massage

Foot massage

Probably not for you if you’re ticklish! We may neglect the hard work our feet do for us. This treatment – using a lavender, peppermint, tea tree, shea butter and arnica foot cream – will manipulate and relax them to put a spring back in your step.

Each guest can also have one or both of these complimentary extras

  • Foot spa
  • Chi exerciser – up to 15 minutes on this machine which is based on the accepted principle that swinging the feet creates a harmonic response up through the body, balancing energy levels and releasing tension. (