Information for you after your treatment

To care for yourself after your treatment:

Drink at least 8 large glasses of water in the next 24 hours

Allow yourself to relax and do what you want to do

Dress warmly

Reduce your tea and coffee intake

Eat only a light meal – the body needs energy to continue the detoxification and natural healing process

Don’t drink alcohol for 12 hours

Don’t do any strenuous physical activity

Contact me if you have any concerns or allergic reactions

If you’ve had an aromatherapy treatment I may have given you the remains of the oil I’ve used for your treatment of which you can use a few drops in your bath or on your chest at night.

Essential oils are highly concentrated, aromatic and volatile, extracted from natural sources such as flowers, leaves, buds, etc.

Oils are chosen for their therapeutic effect on the conditions that we decide will work most effectively

They are mixed with a cold pressed nut, seed or vegetable ‘carrier’ oil, in a dilution of about 2% – depending on the oil, the age of the client or in the case of pregnancy.

Leave the oil on your body overnight to ensure maximum absorption and therapeutic effect.

Whilst our skin is a protective barrier to most things, the molecules of essential oils are so small they are easily absorbed into our skin and blood stream. They do their therapeutic work and then are eliminated in the usual way. Because they are natural, they do not put the kidney/liver under stress.

If your treatment mix has included a citrus oil, bergamot, cedarwood, cinnamon, ginger or patchouli, you should avoid exposure to strong sunlight for 24 hours as they make your skin more permeable to UV light.