How can Holistic treatments help me?

The Collins English dictionary defines holistic medicine as ‘the consideration of the complete person, physically and psychologically in the treatment of a disease’.

A holistic treatment is one that aims to help balance your body’s systems and takes into account all factors of your lifestyle. This approach deals with the root cause of any imbalance, increases yourinvolvement and considers both conventional and complementary treatments.

Let’s look at your body as if it was your car, bicycle, central heating – whatever piece of technology is essential to you on a daily basis.

If you want it to perform its function effectively, you ensure it has the right fuel, oil, enough water, air in tyres and so on; you have it serviced to ensure it works efficiently and safely or repaired when it goes wrong.

Do you look after your body in the same way – eating healthily, exercising, drinking water, relaxing and seeking medical help when you feel ill or ‘off colour’?

A holistic approach encourages all these things as well as suggesting ways to restore and preserve health and well-being – the servicing element of looking after your car.

You can do this by deciding to have regular treatments. Holistic therapies such as massage of any kind – holistic, Indian Head, aromatherapy, reflexology, thermo-auricular with Hopi Ear Candles – relax you, encourage circulation and help remove toxins, all of which help your body keep ‘in balance’ and perk up your immune system.

‘Southwell Life’ – November 2005

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