Review of Back Massage

Penny Clemmow

This month I was treated to a back and neck massage from Jacky Huson of Touch Therapy. Editing Southwell Life is demanding and takes its toll! A combination of lugging around a heavy newspaper delivery bag, working till the small hours to meet deadlines and the substantial stresses of the job has led me to become in dire need of Jacky’s services!

On entering the therapy room my tension began to dissipate at once! Jacky achieves the perfect ambience for relaxation with her calming manner, gentle background music and the scent of oils in the air.

We began with a discussion of my lifestyle (manic, two jobs, small and demanding children, neglected husband, not enough hours in the day, eating on the go, forgetting to drink plenty of fluids etc..!) and my medical history (major op early thirties) and present health situation (fine but many headaches!) so that an appropriate therapy could be selected.

A wide range of treatments are offered including a full body holistic massage, more localised massages concentrating on a specific area, Indian Head massage (great for stress or headaches) and Thermo-auricular therapy which combines Hopi Ear candles with a lymphatic drainage facial massage used to treat a variety of conditions. Together we made a joint decision that a back and neck massage would be the most appropriate and beneficial treatment for me.

The massage was fabulous! Jacky found all the knots and areas of tension and provided half an hour of sheer relaxation. She has trained in Swedish massage which combined long smooth stroking movements (effleurage) to soothe soft tissue and promote relaxation with wringing and kneading movements (petrissage) which helps to relieve tension in the muscles. Blood circulation is stimulated promoting good health through essential nourishment to tissue and organs. Massage works on all the systems of the body both on a physical and psychological level.

Jacky adapts the massage to suit the client’s needs. Massage can also be invigorating and in this case some tapotement would be used, which is a faster more stimulating movement, popular with sportsmen for massage of leg muscles etc.

The benefits are many and renowned: improved circulation, enhanced immune system, reduced stress and headaches, reduction of chronic pain, and improved sleep quality. Also skin tone can be improved and joint mobility and flexibility aided.

For me, the massage instantly reduced my tension. I felt more relaxed than I had done for weeks and this feeling stayed with me for a few days. I was surprised to feel revived and my mental alertness was definitely heightened. This was good news for a busy person! So, not just a luxury, but almost a necessity for anyone wanting to function to the best of their abilities on a day-to-day basis. I think this treatment should be available on the NHS. A regular massage would be very good and with prices being reasonable, I will be back!

Gift vouchers are available, great with Christmas just around the corner (Howard take note!) If you would like to make someone special feel wonderful or simply to give yourself the treat you deserve contact Jacky on 01636 815739 or mobile 07837 800029.

Southwell Life November 2005

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