Article in the Bramley newspaper on Auricular Acupuncture


Jacky Huson at Touch Therapy has added ear acupuncture to her range of therapies. She was inspired by Anna Venables founder and owner of Microsystems Therapies and Training who trained with John Tindall of Yuan Clinic and Traditional Medicine College in London – who coincidentally is the son of a very good friend of Jacky’s husband.

Similar to the way that reflexology reflects the body systems in the feet and hands, ear acupuncture is a form of microsystems acupuncture rooted in 2,500 year-old Traditional Chinese Medicine and more recently Paul Nogier’s concept of the ear having an anatomical correlation to an inverted foetus.

Jacky trained with Anna who has devised a protocol to stimulate defined points on the ear with short very fine acupuncture needles. This is designed to work in conjunction with other therapies such as massage and reflexology to normalise the nervous system particularly where a person is suffering stress, anxiety or depression. These conditions accounted for 39% of all work-related illnesses in 2013-14 and WHO estimate that 70-90% of doctor’s visits are for stress-related issues.

Harmful or negative stress – distress – causes damage to our bodies. The immune, respiratory and circulatory systems can be compromised which obviously impacts on our well-being. Holistically, a person may consider their lifestyle, exercise and diet as well as seeking physical or cognitive therapies.

Jacky practises massage and reflexology and is now delighted to be able to offer clients the added benefits of ear acupuncture.

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