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Dedicated follower of fascia – helping you to unwind

Excellence is doing ordinary things

Aim for perfect – settle for ‘good enough’?

Back to nature

Music as part of massage therapy

A taste of my own ‘medecine’!

Emotional Intelligence

September 2009

August 2009

July 2009

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February 2009

Natural ‘highs’ boost your immune system

January 2009

Remedial, therapeutic, relaxing – the different faces of massages

December 2008

Do something about it – feelings buried alive never die

November 2008

Plan to do nothing! – prepare for your treatment

October 2008

Less is more

September 2008

Being ‘body-aware’ allows choice

August 2008

Letting Go’ – of tension

July 2008

Hold your head up high –check your posture

June 2008

Home is where the heart is

April 2008

The door to happiness opens outwards – open up your mind and body

March 2008

Love – can affect your well-being

February 2008

Peace begins with a smile

January 2008

For it is in giving, we receive

December 2007

Purity of mind depends on purity of food

November 2007

Slow down and enjoy life

October 2007

Feeling ‘under the weather’ let the sun shine in

September 2007

Time and tide wait for no man – act when the time’s right

August 2007

The less routine, the more life

July 2007

Don’t fear change, embrace it

June 2007

Balance and health

May 2007

Sleeping is not time-wasting

April 2007

Hoot if you hate noise pollution

March 2007

Food, nutrition and health

February 2007

Massage rocks – Hot Stone therapy

December 2006

Be sociable, treat yourself, friends and family

November 2006

These feet are not only made for walking

October 2006

Ooh my back

September 2006

Aromatherapy, more than a scented massage – the 3 ‘P’s

August 2006

The Consultation Process

July 2006

The Healing Crisis

June 2006

Take a breath – be breath-aware

May 2006

Stretch out –

April 2006

A NEAT way to exercise

March 2006

‘Chill out and relax

February 2006

Give your body a break from stress

January 2006

Keep your water levels topped up

December 2005

How can Holistic Therapies help me?

November 2005

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