Review of Hot Stonefusion

  Penny Clemmow

Jacky Huson has created a wonderful new therapy room, very calming and comfortable, at Touch Therapy in Southwell. I am reviewing her Hot Stonefusion, a holistic massage using hot smooth basalt stones and the room is warm and peaceful with relaxing music playing. Jacky is, as always, very welcoming and the days stresses begin to melt away before the massage has even begun!


Before the massage there is a short confidential medical and lifestyle questionnaire for all new clients or the opportunity to update any conditions for regular clients. I have chosen a  back, neck and shoulders massage so I undress down to the waist and lie firstly face down on the special couch, beneath the warm cover provided. Half way through I am asked to turn onto my front as the treatment progresses. The atmosphere in the room is very calm, providing fast and complete relaxation of mind and body!


The hot stones enable Jacky to deliver therapeutic heat deep into the muscles. The heat relaxes the muscles, relieving muscular pain, speeding up recovery from injury and reducing stress. Jacky alternates between using the flat edges of the heated stones and her own hands, forearms and knuckles. The various sized stones are placed on strategic points on my body at intervals to prolong the effects of the therapeutic heat. The stones definitely enable a deeper massage that really reaches the areas of tension and strain in my back and neck.


The stones used for this treatment are very smooth and soft and are heated to the temperature of a warm bath, although this can be reduced for more heat sensitive skins. The hardness of the stones is never apparent during the massage as they remain either cupped in the Jacky’s hand or stationary on my back or shoulders. The heat they give out feels very comforting and I do not want the massage to end!


After the treatment I am given a drink of water – essential after any massage – and allowed to drift slowly back to reality before I dress and have to re-enter the real world! I feel revitalised and relaxed from the Hot Stonefusion massage and am determined to spoil myself more often!


Hot Stonefusion at Touch Therapy starts from just £25 and treatment can be tailored to your exact requirements. Jacky has extensive experience as a holistic therapist. She completed a rigorous training in Holistic Massage with anatomy and physiology at Central College Nottingham and she is also a trained counsellor She attends regular workshops and seminars on more advanced techniques and has studied Ear Candling, Indian Head Massage, Reflexology, Aromatherapy, Seated Chair massage, Holistic Medical Massage and, of course, the very popular Hot Stonefusion, so that she can offer an integrated treatment package to suit the needs of every client.


With Mother’s Day just around the corner, a gift voucher for a Hot Stonefusion treatment at Touch Therapy could be the perfect antidote to a busy life for your mum! Or treat yourself; you’ll be amazed how much better you will feel! To find out more or to book an appointment with Jacky telephone 01636 815739 or mobile 07837 800029 or visit the Touch Therapy website for further details.

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