Remedial, therapeutic, relaxing – the different faces of massage.


It can be quite daunting to decide what kind of bodywork treatment you might want or need and where to find the appropriate professional therapist.


Internet research will highlight the essentials of each discipline and then it’s down to you, perhaps in discussion with your GP, to choose the most effective therapy for you. Many of the professional websites have a search facility on which can find the nearest therapist; you may be recommended a therapist by your GP or a friend.


It’s important to be able to trust that the therapist is well-trained, continues with their professional development and adheres to their professional body’s ethics. In addition you need to feel comfortable with that therapist, so take time to talk to them about what you can expect during a treatment, before you book an appointment. The range of therapists’ skills and treatments offered varies widely, so check what kind of techniques the therapist uses, to be assured that they will provide the kind of treatment you need.


You may want to enjoy a relaxing ambiance, some aromatic oils, with no demands on you to talk (once the initial consultation is done) and a treatment which encourages you to unwind and let go of body and mind tensions.


However, you may have body stresses and strains which have become habitual and ingrained. These conditions need more focussed, deeper bodywork on muscle, fascia, tendons and ligaments. This requires communication between the client and therapist during treatment, to pinpoint areas of tension and referred pain, so the remedial techniques will work at a deeper, stronger level, and may be ‘sandwiched’ between initial palpation assessment and a closing relaxation massage to soothe muscles and nerves.


Once you are clearer what you need, the choice will become easier.


Warm wishes for Christmas and the New Year.

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