Do something about it

The mind/body connection is well documented; if we are feeling low emotionally, not only do we have less incentive to look after ourselves, those emotions can affect our hormones, which govern our body systems – stress-related symptoms being those that we are most familiar with.

Take a moment to think about things we may say when we’re feeing overloaded and what the physical effect might be, for example – “This (problem) is a weight on my shoulders”, “He/She’s doing my head in”.

I recently had cause to feel annoyed at the unfairness of being let down by a hotel booking firm. The energy of my annoyance drove me to take action – phone, email and write, not to seek compensation, but to express my feelings and disperse that emotional energy

There would have been a time in the past when I’d have grumbled to myself but not done anything about it, thinking it was tough luck and I couldn’t fight the system. But this annoyance wouldn’t have magically gone away – it would have been stored somewhere – emotionally and physically. I used to suffer regularly with sore throats and I now wonder if this was the dis-ease of not having the courage to speak out when upset.

It is said that ‘Feelings buried alive never die’1 and that their repressed energy can result in actual physical pathology.

I see many clients who are aware that their tense, aching muscles are not necessarily induced by some physical activity or postural habits, but because they are having difficulty coping with a particular situation and perhaps feeling ‘stuck’ because they can’t work out a way to resolve it.

Massage can help with working out the muscle tenseness and may also give quiet, creative time to reflect, get things in perspective and look for creative solutions.


1 Karol Truman


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