“Hold your head up high”



Oscar Hammerstein’s popular and inspirational song, probably more popularly known as Liverpool Football Club’s anthem, goes on to say “you’ll never walk alone”, but ‘holding your head up’ high can bring other benefits.


Psychologically, by looking at the world straight on, not only will you meet and greet others more assertively and feel graceful, poised and balanced, you’ll see the bigger picture which helps put things in perspective, encouraging calmness and confidence. You might miss the occasional dropped coin!, but you’ll find greater treasure in people and situations which may bring healthy encounters and opportunities.


In physical terms, by lifting your head up you open your body up and you become more aware of your posture. The Alexander technique, which promotes good postural habits in all different situations, was developed by Frederick Alexander in the 1890’s who found that the functioning of his voice depended on the correct balance of tension in his entire neuromuscular system, from head to toe. See further information on the Alexander technique on http://www.stat.org.uk.


I see the effects of poor posture in chronic back, shoulder and neck pain in many clients and my massage techniques can help people feel where the ‘trigger’ for the pain might be and then through discussion to identify what in their lifestyle is contributing to ingrained poor postural habits. Good posture particularly focuses on how the head neck and back work together and being aware of how we hold the heavy weight of our head – which may be between 4 and 5kg – so that is doesn’t compress the spine or strain the neck muscles.


Good posture brings many benefits and according to STAT’s survey in 2006 – “You feel an amazing lightness, like you’ve been suddenly given the body of someone ten years younger”. That sounds like a healthy goal we can work together on.


I hope to see you at the ‘Chill Out Zone’ at Southwell Folk Festival.


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