Home is where the heart is

IKEA’s latest slogan is that ‘regardless of where you live or who you are, home is the most important place in the world’. This has been brought home (excuse the pun!) to me following the flooding when I doggedly remained in my house while reparation work has been carried out. Despite the condition of my house, it’s still my home and staying here has helped me to continue to live as normally as possible. I needed to have ‘blinkered vision’ about the state of my house, while holding the dream of lovely new décor when it’s finished. Interestingly the one thing I’ve found hard is not having a comfy chair to relax in!


It led me to wonder what australiathesport.com makes a house a home and how do people cope who are homeless, vulnerably housed, or housed away from their home hearth as in refugees, or not living in a safe place? Ideally, home needs to be a space to feel safe in, a foyer to welcome friends and a secure base to venture out from to explore the world.


But there’s also a ‘homespace’ within ourselves which we may reach when we are engaged in an enjoyable activity or ‘allow ourselves to be ‘still’ – perhaps meditating or relaxing during a bodywork treatment. This ‘homespace’ is our true self, not the ‘constructed’ one we may present to the world, when the chattering mind creates its own reality and interferes with who we truly are and what we really need and want.


Many clients comment how they experience a particular peace during a bodywork treatment when subtle, creative or healing thinking may happen in this ‘homespace’. Experience the physical and emotional benefits of a Touch Therapy treatment or come to Southwell Folk Festival on Saturday 6th or Sunday 7th June and try out one of the many treatments I and fellow therapists will be offering in the ‘Chill Out Zone’.

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