Be sociable – treat yourself, your friends and family

“A faithful friend is the medicine of life.” Apocrypha

“True friendship is like sound health; the value of it is seldom known until it be lost” Charles Caleb Colton

Health and well-being comes from not only being balanced physically, but also in our psychological and emotional state.

Social life and friendships are a very important element of our human needs and it is said that firm relationships with friends and family and an engaging, interesting social life seem to offer strong protection against stress and all of the diseases that go along with it.

Some friendships are essentially light-hearted and casual – they help us relax and cope with the stresses of modern life. Others are more serious and intimate – they are the “rocks” on which we rely, in which we confide and which act as a vital safety net in addition to (or, sometimes, in place of) family. Friendship that is reciprocal, heartfelt and freely given can materially help relieve stress and depression, through emotional support.

What better way to maintain your friendships at the same time as boosting your physical and emotional health than by arranging a get-together where, for a few hours, you combine an opportunity to chat with friends and family in one room and have a 20 minute relaxing therapeutic treatment in the privacy of another room?

Pamper parties are an ideal way for you and others to have a ‘taster’ to see how you enjoy it and benefit from it. If you are already a firm believer in the power of massage, you can share your enthusiasm by arranging a social occasion for friends and family to have a taste of what you have found beneficial. Book a Touch Therapy Pamper Party and get a free taster treatment for yourself.

‘Southwell Life’ – November 2006

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