Give your body a break from stress

A little stress is good for us – it keeps us on our toes and energises us for coping at work or play.

To promote well-being we should aim to maintain a stable, balanced condition in body and mind.

However, feeling stressed over a long period of time can upset this balance and be a source for many physical problems. Life in the busy 21st century is stressful and our lifestyle may add to this environmental stress.

Stress releases hormones which are essential for some vital functions and are useful in a ‘fight or flight’ situation. However, continually raised levels of these hormones with no outlet to use them may interfere with our normal healthy body functions. For example, it may increase our blood pressure, disturb our sleep pattern, inhibit our digestion, alter the balance of our immune system and increase our blood glucose levels.

If we don’t give our bodies a break from being in this ‘alert’ mode, we may succumb to illness – physical and emotional.

To help maintain the desired balance, we can consider a range of options.

At a psychological level we can, among other things, challenge the ‘musts’, ‘shoulds’ and ‘oughts’ in our life, consider our time-management so we make time to do things we enjoy and be with friends we value.

At a physical level we can consider exercise, yoga, deep breathing and of course – MASSAGE. These help our body return to a calm state and give it a chance to rebalance itself.

Give your body a break and treat yourself to a relaxing treatment.

‘Southwell Life’ – January 2006

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