Review of Indian Head Massage

Penny Clemmow

How about giving your loved one a voucher for an Indian Head Massage this Valentine’s Day? Break away from the anticipated box of chocs, flowers or Champagne and spend the same amount on giving them half an hour of indulgence. Are you wondering “what is an Indian Head Massage anyway?” I really hadn’t a clue either so went off to investigate….

Jacky at Touch Therapy wanted me to discover the IHM experience for myself, so didn’t give much away beforehand. She begins with all new clients by taking a full medical history and discussing lifestyle to ensure that the chosen treatment is an effective, safe and appropriate one. She explained briefly that the therapy incorporated three parts, with the client first sitting in a chair leaning forwards supported on pillows, then sitting back upright, and finally with a support around the neck for the facial part of the treatment. Depending on the client’s preference, this therapy may be done ‘dry’ through clothes, which makes it an ideal treatment for, say, an office situation or using oil with the upper torso exposed. I opted for a massage with oil and chose from Jacky’s selection a relaxing oil containing Ylang Ylang, my personal favourite.

And so we began. Rather similar to a holistic massage to begin with, relaxing massage on the upper back, upper arms, shoulders and neck and really rather de-stressing but with some invigorating kneading and tapping movements too. There followed massage of the face and even the ears(!) with the final section concentrating on the head, some of this very energising as opposed to the normal feelings of relaxation associated with other forms of massage.

Indian Head Massage is based on the Ayurvedic system of medicine practised in India which is based on balancing body, mind and spirit to promote well-being in a holistic sense – including massage alongside healthy diet, use of herbs, yoga, meditation and exercise. In Ayurvedic medicine the chakras, often associated with seven of the endocrine glands, are areas of subtle energy which may become blocked or impaired and create an imbalance in the body. An accumulation of negative energy can manifest itself in an emotional or physical condition and massage can help re-align the energy and restore harmony.

This treatment has gained popularity in the West and benefits include headache and migraine relief, improved hair and skin condition, relaxation of tense muscles and improved skin tone, improved lymphatic flow which may stimulate immunity, improved blood flow to head, neck and shoulders and release of endorphins to elevate mood and relieve emotional stress.

So will I be going back to Touch Therapy again and did I feel all these benefits ?
Yes, I’ll be going to see Jacky again because I think she’s a great therapist and her treatments are a pleasure to experience. She creates a calming ambience for her clients and makes you feel really pampered. Another Indian head massage? Maybe, wouldn’t rule it out. These treatments very much depend on personal preferences and, though very pleasant, this one didn’t score as high for me as my favourite massage treatment. But time will tell…if it gets rid of headaches, gives me great skin and hair and elevated mood I may just be tempted!

Watch this space or do your own experiment and treat that special someone this Valentine’s Day. Phone Jacky at Touch Therapy on 01636 815739 or 07837 800029.

Southwell Life – Feb 06

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