“The Healing Crisis”

This might seem a juxtaposition of terms – surely if you’re healing – getting better – that’s reason to celebrate – not have a crisis!

Just consider what you do when you decorate a room – it gets worse before it gets better – you have to strip off old wallpaper and paint, rub down rough patches….. This first stage probably feels like a crisis. But only then, can you attack the creative work of actually making your room beautiful again. No wonder it’s sometimes easier to keep putting it off!

I suggest that holistic treatments are an ingredient in your lifestyle ‘recipe’ to maintain good health but initially you may feel worse for a short while after a treatment. As with the decorating, this is no reason to avoid treatment or be disheartened – keep a positive view of the long-term aim of health and well-being in mind and you’ll be motivated and engaged in the process.

During a healing crisis, you may get a headache or feel a bit nauseous or tired. However, as I explain at the time and reinforce in my aftercare leaflet, these are normal reactions. They are signs that the body’s natural balancing and self-healing mechanism is working.

For example, during a treatment, the circulatory and lymphatic systems have been stimulated, so as well as nutrients being delivered to your body tissues, toxins are being eliminated – it is these in particular that might result in the healing crisis symptoms.

Symptoms will not last long and it is recommended not to suppress them – you can minimise them by taking it easy after your treatment, drinking plenty of water and avoiding heavy, spicy meals and alcohol.

Some people don’t experience any ‘contra-actions’ as this healing crisis is technically called and in any case, they generally decrease on subsequent treatments.

So don’t delay – treat yourself to a treatment and then you may be inspired to get decorating too!

“One of the most sublime experiences we can ever have is to wake up feeling healthy after we have been sick.”
Rabbi Harold Kushner


‘Southwell Life’ – June 2006

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